Skate 4 Lootboxes

EA’s Skate 4 Beta Has Multiple Loot Boxes and Currencies – Report

For the latest Skate 4 beta, Electronic Arts has reportedly inserted a lot of loot boxes in the game. More specifically, playtesters report that there are currently 16 different loot boxes and at least two currencies, with a high possibility of a third that can be purchased via microtransactions.

Skate 4 beta loot boxes currently don’t have percentage drop rates

The most recent beta for Skate 4 (which will simply be called “Skate”) has fleshed out its loot box system, according to various playtesters in a report from Insider Gaming. The game has already been revealed to be free-to-play. Full Circle’s general manager Dan McCulloch stated in a prior video that the game would have “no paid loot boxes,” though there will be microtransactions of some kind.

The main currency for purchasing loot boxes is called Stars, which is accumulated by completing challenges, with 3 Star loot boxes having the most coveted items, cosmetics, and furniture. In the current build, there are reportedly 16 loot boxes with five items each. However, while you can see what the five items are in each loot box, there is currently no notification on the percentage drop rate of each item.

Another currency called Taps, which could apparently be traded in for Stars, was revealed in prior datamines of the game. While Taps were not in the latest beta, “the consensus among playtesters” is that Taps or another currency will be available to be bought with real-world money. Also, if you get a duplicate item from a loot box, you will earn another currency called Hype, though it’s unclear at this time what this can be spent on.

In July 2022, EA responded to Skate 4 leaks by urging fans not to download files from “unknown sources.”