Skate 4 Console Playtest

Skate 4 Console Playtest Update Given by EA on PC’s First Anniversary

EA has issued an update on the Skate 4 console playtest today in a post celebrating the game’s first anniversary on PC. The team acknowledges the demands of the community and promises that playtesting on PS5 is still on its way, but we still don’t know when.

Skate 4 playtesting will be scaled up

Alongside a montage video of the best bits of playtesting footage from the previous year, developer Full Circle explained how it would be scaling up the game’s playtesting opportunities along the road to the launch of Skate 4. More players will be invited to enter the world of San Vansterdam to come up with insane tricks and break plenty of bones. There are still “many playtests to come” as the game is still in the pre-pre-alpha stage.

For now, though, those playtest opportunities will remain on PC only. The studio promises that “console playtesting will be coming,” but it still “[doesn’t] have a date to share just yet.” The update was extremely similar to the one issued in March that said it would be a while before the team is ready to release playtests on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

The team did share some playtesting stats for May. Between all of the players taking part in the playtests, there were more than 12.9 million tricks attempted throughout San Vansterdam. Unfortunately, just under 1 million of those ended in failure. These players also accumulated more than 35.7 million experience points between the 90,000 challenges they managed to complete.

Those who wish to sign up to get a chance to enter the closed tests can do so on the game’s website. Players will be able to give feedback on what they see to the developers, but they won’t be able to share any footage or screenshots from the game publicly.