skate 4 loot boxes

Skate 4 Won’t Have Paid Loot Boxes, EA Reiterates

Electronic Arts studio Full Circle has responded to recent reports of Skate 4 loot boxes, reiterating that the game won’t have any paid loot boxes and won’t offer any gameplay advantages to those who fork out real cash.

References to Skate 4 loot boxes were found in beta files

Insider Gaming reported a day ago that playtesters datamined Skate 4 beta files and found references to multiple loot boxes and currencies. In response, EA reiterated what it said last year, promising no pay-to-win mechanics, no paywalled maps or areas, no paid loot boxes, and no paid gameplay advantages.

That said, bear in mind that Skate 4 is a free-to-play game, which means that it will certainly have a monetization system. We’re assuming that there will be a Season Pass system of some sort, with paid cosmetics and boards offered via an in-game store. The items may also be unlockable via a Battle Pass system of some sort.

There have been a number of instances of developers promising no paid advantages, only to end up changing course. It remains to be seen how Skate 4’s monetization system is implemented.