Final Street Fighter V Season 2 Character Will be Revealed This Weekend

Capcom has announced that the final character of Season 2 for Street Fighter V will be revealed this weekend during the South East Asia Major Top 8 event. Judging by Capcom’s teases (the picture above and the tweet below), more likely than not this character is going to be a ninja. Shoryuken predicts that is “more than likely Guy’s sensei and ninja grandmaster Zeku”.

Here is the tweet Capcom used to tease the character announcement:

Of course, all the hints are there that this final character is Zeku, but the real question is how he’ll play. We’ll just have to wait until the reveal this weekend!

Don’t forget that the newly announced Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will have all of the characters from these two season of Street Fighter V DLC. We have more information on the new edition:

On Capcom’s Japanese site for Arcade Edition, there will not be just one, but six Arcade Modes, each for a different game in the series. It’s exciting! The games that will have an Arcade Mode in Street Fighter V are:

  • Street Fighter
  • Street Fighter II
  • Street Fighter Zero
  • Street Fighter III: New Generation
  • Street Fighter IV
  • Street Fighter V

The site also states that by playing through these Arcade Modes, you’ll be able to unlock over 200 gallery illustrations.

Apparently we’ll be getting a bonus stage that involves breaking barrels, and Arcade Mode will have over 100 endings to reach. That makes sense considering there are six of them!

Are you hoping we’ll get a reveal for Zeku this weekend?

[Source: Shoryuken, Twitter]