Watch Kazunori Yamauchi and Shuhei Yoshida Look Back at 20 Years of Gran Turismo

The highly anticipated release of Gran Turismo Sport is right around the corner and to mark the occasion, Sony has offered a detailed look at the series’ inception. Featuring Polyphony founder Kazunori Yamauchi and Shuhei Yoshida, the video above goes over Gran Turismo‘s 20-year journey. Check it out!

“When game footage of Gran Turismo was secretly inserted in a mash-up trailer of upcoming PlayStation titles at E3 1997, people were eager to know what that unbelievably realistic looking racing game was,” recalls Yoshida in a PlayStation blog entry. That December, Yamauchi said that he felt strange watching people line up to buy copies at major video game retailers. He added:

I just kind of watched in disbelief as people bought our game. I think at the time, there was no room left to feel accomplishment. We were happy, but we just couldn’t believe it. Because we worked on the first Gran Turismo for a very long time, it really felt like the game belonged to the team. We held on to it and held on to it, and nurtured it until the very last possible moment. That’s when the Gran Turismo that was our very own suddenly wasn’t ours anymore.

Gran Turismo Sport releases on Tuesday, October 17, and here’s why we think you should look forward to it!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]