DEEMO Reborn

Rhythm Action Game DEEMO -Reborn- Coming to PlayStation VR

Rayark Games’ DEEMO originally released in 2013 for mobile systems, and then an updated version called DEEMO: Last Recital was released for PlayStation Vita in 2015. The game’s odd journey didn’t end there, as it released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year, and now it’s coming to PlayStation 4.

The game will be published by Sony Music Entertainment’s new gaming label UNTIE. While it’ll be playable on a regular PlayStation 4, one of the big draws of this new version will be the ability to play in virtual reality. This means a shift in perspective, as its now a 3D title. No release date has yet been given for the upcoming release, and currently the game is only slated to release on PlayStation 4.

Here’s the complete announcement of DEEMO -Reborn- from UNTIE:

A completely new version of the massive hit game, DEEMO!

Rayark started out with indie games, then went on to make hit games on various platforms, including smartphones. Their most famous work is DEEMO, an eternal masterpiece that snatched the heartstrings of gamers all around the world with its emotional piano rhythm gameplay and impressive story. UNTIES is now working together with Rayark to turn DEEMO into a completely new 3D game that features VR compatibility.

Check out the first teaser video for DEEMO -Reborn- below:

No release date is currently set for DEEMO -Reborn-, but the rhythm action game will release on PlayStation 4, and it will be PlayStation VR compatible. We’ll have more on the title as more details are revealed.