PlayStation Removes Gran Turismo Sport VR Trailer That Showed Multiple Cars on Track

The virtual reality mode in Gran Turismo Sport is quite limited, as players can only race on tracks against a single opponent. That’s a far cry from the regular races, which feature up to 16 vehicles competing. That wasn’t how the mode was always meant to be however, as previous trailers showed multiple cars in the Gran Turismo Sport VR mode. Sony has now taken down the trailer advertising this planned feature.

Watch the original Gran Turismo Sport VR mode trailer below:

This shows that the virtual reality implementation found within Gran Turismo Sport wasn’t always meant to be so limited. For more on Gran Turismo Sport VR mode, check out our detailed review. Here’s a snippet of what I had to say about the virtual reality inclusion:

Thankfully, the VR Driving makes up for the other mode being a disappointment. Playing Gran Turismo Sport in virtual reality feels amazing. Actually feeling like you’re inside these top-notch vehicles is an awesome accomplishment, and it adds a lot of strategy in having to actually watch your mirrors while driving. It really adds so much to the experience, and while there’s a definite knock in resolution, it looks much better than Driveclub VR. Sadly, the mode is super bare bones (several options such as certain time conditions can’t be picked), and you can only race against one other car on the tracks. It makes an incredible first impression, and then I was left wondering why I booted up the mode since there wasn’t much to actually do in it.

Gran Turismo Sport could’ve easily had been one of PlayStation VR’s killer apps. The racing feels that good while wearing the headset, and unfortunately with the way it’s packaged, it’s turned into a throwaway mode that you’ll occasionally use or show friends, but that’s it. There’s no real replayability, no proper structure, and nothing to keep players from coming back. As far as entertainment goes, it’s an absolute tragedy that it’s been undersold rather than been fleshed out further.

Gran Turismo Sport is available now for PlayStation 4.

[Source: Reddit]