Get Your Music Into Wreckfest By Entering Bugbear’s Contest

Looking to get your music into a video game? With Bugbear Entertainment’s contest, now is your chance! The winner of this contest will get their tracks in the racing game Wreckfest, as well as a monetary reward. This isn’t only for exposure!

Here’s more about the contest from the developers and the publisher, THQ Nordic:

Bugbear Entertainment, developer of Wreckfest, the Destruction-Derby-Themed racing game and Publisher THQ Nordic are cooperating with the plattform to find the perfect music for their game. And – as Wreckfest is a very competitive game – the way to get YOUR music into the game is via a competition!

But wait a second, isn’t that just cheesy way for a company to get other creatives‘ work included into their game, just for fame? It’s not. The winner of the contest will win the grand prize of $3500 US-Dollars. Additionally, also the best 9 runner-ups will get their place in the game and win $1000. Or as some might say – will get paid for their work. The winning tracks can be heard by hundreds of thousands of Wreckfest Players all over the world.

The submission closes on November 10th 2017, the Voting for the best Soundtrack start on October 23rd and last until November 13th 2017 and the Winners will be announced on November 15th.

Contestants can sign up at the Wreckfest website.

We also have a preview of Wreckfest:

From a failed Kickstarter to a lengthy stay in Early Access, the development of Wreckfest hasn’t been the smoothest affair for Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment. One of the reasons why the studio’s next car game has been in development since 2012 is due to its ambitious physics engine. Everything from the dirt that cars drive on to the damage that cars take from a crash have been realistically rendered, and it’s really a sight to see.

Wreckfest will release this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.