Inazuma Eleven: Scales of Ares Announced for PS4

Level-5 has made a surprising announcement that Inazuma Eleven: Scales of Ares will be also released for PlayStation 4, in addition to Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, in their recent Inazuma Walker live stream. This marks the first time ever they are making an Inazuma Eleven game for a PlayStation platform after all past games of the series were released exclusively on Nintendo platforms. It will be released in Japan in Summer 2018.

Inazuma Eleven is a series of Soccer RPG games where players will gather and train characters to be put into their own soccer team. As currently specified in the Japanese official site, Inazuma Eleven: Scales of Ares will take place in an alternate world branching from the first Inazuma Eleven game where the original members of Raimon Junior High team would mysteriously disappear after winning the Football Frontier tournament. New players are going to fill their shoes as Raimon Junior High, as well as all other academy soccer teams, have to adhere to the new regulation of getting sponsored by corporations.

Inazuma Eleven Scales of Ares protagonists

Inazuma Eleven: Scales of Ares will have a story based on three protagonists, and players will be able to watch the story from different perspectives. Other than the central character Asuto Inamori, a boy from the remote Inakuni island who would newly assume the lead position in Raimon Junior High, Scales of Ares will also have Seisho Academy’s Ryohei Haizaki and Outei Tsuki-no-miya’s Yuuma Nosaka as the other protagonists.

Level-5 is also making an anime adaptation of Inazuma Eleven: Scales of Ares and they have published a preview of its first episode. They are also showing some test gameplay snippets of the Scales of Ares game, and you can watch them in the archived live stream video below at the 1:29:15 mark. Stay tuned as we will bring you more coverage on this first ever Inazuma Eleven game for the PlayStation 4!

[Source: Level-5]