More Inazuma Eleven Ares Details Revealed

The latest issue of the Weekly Famitsu has an interview with Level-5 President Akihiro Hino, and the interview reveals more information on Inazuma Eleven Ares, the latest title in the popular sports anime series. Originally posted online on Hachima Kikou, Gematsu has translated and provided some tidbits about the upcoming Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 title.

Hino states that they want to make Inazuma Eleven available to as many people as possible, including a number of platforms. While the series was mainly on 3DS, the updated graphics and scale of Ares prompted Level-5 to move the game to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Ares will also eventually make it to smartphones, though there will be some differences between mobile and console versions of the game.

Additionally, while Inazuma Eleven was originally a children’s show and game series, but Ares is supposed to appear more to the series’ adult fans. The Ares anime will get started first, and the game will be released at a later date.

Hino also speaks about the plot of Ares and what they considered for the new series:

When considering the project, the idea of making Endou’s high school story came up. However, if he was a high school student, the love problems would probably get ugly, so they decided to set it in middle school in a parallel world.

The Level-5 President believes that the Inazuma Eleven series will eventually grow to the same popularity as Yo-kai Watch, and that the new Ares game and anime will help a lot in getting the series there.

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[Source: GematsuHachima Kikou]