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Level-5 and Warner Bros. Japan Have Announced a Ni no Kuni Anime Film

Warner Bros. Japan and Level-5 are collaborating with OLM, Inc. to produce a Ni no Kuni anime film, the companies have announced.

In the film, high school students Yuu and Haru are best friends who travel back and forth between the real world and a parallel world following an incident involving their childhood friend, Kotona. Kotona’s life is in danger in both worlds, and an “ultimate choice” has to be made surrounding the three characters as well as Ni no Kuni.

Yuu (voiced by Kento Yamazaki) is described as a wheelchair-bound, bright high school student. Always a top student in his class, Yuu has feelings for Kotona that he keeps to himself because she’s going out with Haru.

Haru is a popular member of the high school basketball club and Kotona is described as an “innocent and lovable” girl. Warner Bros. and Level-5 have yet to reveal the voices behind both characters.

Over on the film’s official website, the companies added a list of staff members working on the project, which you can see below (courtesy of Gematsu):

  • Overall Direction / Original Draft and Screenplay: Akihiro Hino (Yo-kai Watch, etc.)
  • Director: Yoshiyuki Momose (Only Yesterday, etc.)
  • Music: Joe Hisaishi (Spirited Away, etc.)
  • Lead Role: Kento Yamazaki (Death Note live-action TV series, etc.)
  • Original Work: Level-5
  • Animation Studio: OLM, Inc.
  • Production: Ni no Kuni Movie Production Committee
  • Distribution: Warner Bros. Movies

Ni no Kuni will release in summer 2019 in Japan. A launch date and Western release have not been announced.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.

[Source: Gematsu]