Fortnite Halloween Update Teased by Epic Games

Halloween is a week away, and the folks at Epic Games seem to be up to something. According to the Fortnite Twitter account, something “spooky” is around the corner, and when pressed on it, they revealed that it seems like whatever is coming will be for both the Battle Royale mode as well as the regular game.

What that “something” might be is still anyones guess, but it’s fair to assume it will likely be some sort of Halloween-themed modes for both Battle Royale as well as the main Save the World game. Make sure to stay tuned for any updates the developers might give us.

Ever since the Battle Royale mode took off, Epic Games has been making sure to properly pump updates into the mode, with their latest patch coming just last week. For a brief look into what’s changed on in the game, check out below:



  • You can now switch between teammates while spectating.
  • Fixed an issue which caused enemy players to instantaneously appear once they emerged from behind an object.
    • This issue occurred frequently if shadows were disabled in the game options.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to jump indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue which caused DBNO (Down, But Not Out) to trigger jump pads.
  • Fixed an issue which caused crosshair hit-markers to sometimes not show up.


  • Medium Ammo stacks increased from 10 to 20.
  • Rocket Ammo spawn rate decreased by 25%.
  • Players no longer display their weapon while DBNO (Down, But Not Out.)

Fortnite is available now.