New Hidden Agenda Gameplay Revealed in Developer Diary

Hidden Agenda is one of the newest titles coming to the PlayStation 4 as part of their Playlink initiative, which promises games that are accessible for most people simply by allowing them to play on their phones instead of a controller. Today, the developers of Hidden Agenda, Supermassive Games, took to the PlayStaiton Blog to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the game.

Revealed in the full developer diary (above) as well as on the blog, Will Doyle – the Game Director for Supermassive Games – spoke about how various net-noir thrillers helped inspire Hidden Agenda, a game in which you play as a Detective who must hunt down the “Trapper,” a serial killer who rigs victims with explosives to murder the responding police officers.

As said earlier, this game is part of the PlayStation 4’s Playlink initiative, so that means it’s designed for use with phones or tablets instead of a conventional DualShock 4 controller. For more on that and for more on the game, check out below courtesy of Supermassive:

All players need to do is download the free companion app on their mobile devices and they’re all set! This makes the game accessible to friends who are new to gaming, and allows us to award secret information and objectives to individual players. Hidden Agenda is great fun to play on your own, but you’ll get a very different experience if you play it with friends.

This video gives you an overview of the game’s two modes: Story and Competitive. In Story mode, you’ll work together to catch the killer. In Competitive mode, you’ll get secret objectives as you play through. Much like a bluffing card game, you’ll need to trick your friends to evade blame and make your hidden agenda come true.

Hidden Agenda releases tomorrow for the PlayStation 4.