Newest Rainbow Six Siege Update Changes Operators and Fixes Gameplay Issues

Today, Ubisoft released a new patch for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege that makes some major changes to the new Mid-Season Reinforcements, including weapon balancing, bug fixes, and a brand new elite set for Jäger. The biggest change, however, might be the reworked operators, giving major changes to the Kapkan, Blitz, and Ela operators.

According to Ubisoft, there will also be a number of network improvements coming to the game, including latency alignment that will help fix unstable connections as well give players better reaction times to the opponents they’re playing. For a full breakdown on the upcoming update, make sure to head over to Ubisoft’s blog. You can find a brief rundown of the changes below:


  • Fixed – Shields can be placed in a doorway, and through a series of actions, used to clip into the walls. *These issues are Fixed on an individual basis, and we will continue to fix occurrences as they are found.
  • Fixed – Players are able to see through smoke grenade clouds when they are far away.
  • Fixed – When throwing a sticky gadget on a damaged barricade at a certain angle, removing the barricade will leave the gadget in place
  • Fixed – If a defender removes a barricade while a claymore is on the other side of it and it ends in DBNO, the slow blood prompt is not available.
  • Fixed – Minor animation glitch occur for all operators that vault & use right away their ADS
  • Fixed – Players cannot open the scoreboard when being presented with the map and game mode at the beginning of a match, or in the round presentation screen just before the planning phase.
  • Fixed – Shield animation is broken when spamming prone.
  • Fixed – – User experiences collision issues while strafing along destructible walls.
  • Fixed – Deploying Castle’s barricade and cancelling the animation will no longer cause other player’s FPS to drop.


  • Fixed – Players are able to duplicate Tachanka’s turret indefinitely.
  • Fixed – Trophy system does not intercept grenades as intended.
  • Fixed – Candela Charges will blind the Attacker continuously if they enter their drone camera while flashed.
  • Fixed – No points are awarded for players that step on Gu mines while Lesion is dead.
  • Fixed – Pellets can get attached to nothing, causing them to float.
  • Fixed – Ash is able to destroy Bandit’s shock wire on an electrified reinforced wall and receive points when she should not be able to destroy it with her Breaching Round.
  • Fixed – ADS is misaligned after immediately switching from gadget.
  • Fixed – A delay is present before aiming with her Electronics Detector deployed.
  • Fixed – There is a clipping issue when crawling while using the Skeleton Key.
  • Fixed – Explosives do not destroy Shock Wire when the reinforcement is placed on a trap door.
  • Fixed – No points gained for destroying a Breaching Round with electrified wires.
  • Fixed – The replication of Montagne shield can be broken.
  • Fixed – Montagne can shoot through the extended shield.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available now.