Absolver Update 1.08 Adds Prestige Mode and Halloween Items

Today, Sloclap and Devolver Digital have announced that the Absolver update 1.08 is now live on the PlayStation 4 and PC, and adds an all-new prestige system, four equipment sets, and nine new masks.

The Prestige System, which had been teased by the developers previously, adds new progression levels beyond the max of Level 60 and also adds in new sub systems for advanced players to continue honing their skills. The game also upgraded the inventory system, allowing players to better manage their inventory with new sorting, salvaging, and repairing options.

Of course, no update would be complete without new gear, and because Halloween is right around the corner, your fighters can dress up in six Halloween-themed masks. These masks, which have been given to the game’s Marked Ones boss characters, can be earned by defeating the boss and gaining the mask. All in all, it’s a pretty hefty update, and Sloclap continues to make good on its promise to keep updating the game. For more on the 1.08 update, make sure to check out below:

The new prestige system adds in new progression levels beyond Level 60 and adds in several new sub systems for advanced players to continue upgrading their Absolver. Rift Coins and Rift Disks replace random loot drops in Combat Trials and can be traded in for more rare equipment and weapons while Crystals are awarded at each new Prestige Level and can be used to reset attribute points and acquire Rift Disks. Additionally, players can now better manage their inventory with new sorting, salvaging and repairing options.

The latest update also includes new equipment and nine new masks, including six Halloween masks bestowed to the game’s Marked Ones boss characters that players can fight to retrieve in a very rough game of trick or treat. Other updates include a night mode for versus maps during the Halloween holiday, a bald option for player characters, and miscellaneous gameplay tweaks requested by the community since the last update.

Absolver is available now.