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Absolver free expansion

Absolver Free Expansion, Downfall, Awaits Your Thumb-Smashing

Face whacking and leg cracking await veterans and newbies alike.

absolver downfall expansion

Absolver’s Downfall Expansion Arrives Later this Month

Bruce Lee’s moves are for Absolver masters only.

Absolver free expansion

Absolver’s New Update ‘Downfall’ Launches This September

Don’t get knocked out in this online fighting game.

Absolver Update Announced

Absolver PS4 Gets Big Content Update, New Mode, Combat Style

PS Plus members boost number of Absolver’s fighters.

PS Plus vs games with gold

PS Plus Instant Game Collection vs Xbox Live Games With Gold for July 2018

Sony might offer more games, but are they all worth it?

Dontnod and Focus Home Celebrate Vampyr Launch with Twitch Stream

Who doesn’t want to suck blood to level up?

Absolver update 1.16 patch notes

Absolver Update 1.16 Changes Prestige System, Read Patch Notes

A ton of balance changes too.

absolver update 1.11 patch notes

Absolver Update 1.11 Adds New Modes, Read the Patch Notes

Major updates!

Absolver update 1.16 patch notes

Absolver Update 1.10 Patch Notes Detail Fixes & Changes

Plus an update on the 3v3 mode!

absolver update 1.11 patch notes

Absolver Update 1.08 Adds Prestige Mode and Halloween Items

New inventory system and more!

Absolver update 1.16 patch notes

Absolver Update 1.07 Reverts Some Gameplay Changes After Community Feedback

They’ve listened to fan feedback.

absolver update 1.06

Absolver Update 1.06 Balances Gameplay, Adds Devolver Digital Masks

Finally you can do your Enter the Gungeon cosplay.

Absolver update 1.16 patch notes

New Absolver Update Will Bring Prestige System, PvP Maps, and More

New maps, color changing, and more!

Absolver update 1.16 patch notes

Absolver Soundtrack Released, Features New RZA Produced Track

Brand new RZA

Absolver update 1.16 patch notes

Patch Notes for Latest Absolver Update Released, Coming to PS4 Soon

Improves matchmaking and overall stability.

Absolver Review — Faceless Men (PS4)

You’ll never lose face here.

Absolver release

Absolver Launches Tomorrow, Watch a Trailer While You Wait

There’s plenty of fighting, and plenty of masks.

Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 2 Download Dates

PS4, PSVR & PS Vita New Releases This Week: August 29, 2017 – Life is Golf

Yakuza! ARK! Resident Evil! Golf! Life is Strange!

absolver character customization

New Absolver Video Showcases the Game’s Character Customization Options

From haircuts to equipment, there’s plenty to choose from.

E3 2017 – Absolver Preview – Competitive Play (PS4)

We got to play the new drunken fist style.