Absolver Update 1.16 Changes Prestige System, Read Patch Notes

Absolver update 1.16 is now available on PlayStation 4. It brings updates to the game’s prestige system, changes how schools work, and there’s also new gear and 3v3 maps to check out. Plus, a ton of balance changes to the melee action game.

Check out the complete Absolver update 1.16 patch notes:

New content & Improvements

Prestige System Update

The Prestige System Update will expand your possibilities after you hit level 60. You’ll be able to show your Absolver way with new tools:

  • Change your Character’s appearance (sex, skin, hair type and hair color) by spending Crystals
  • New haircuts are available
  • Change your 1v1 introduction cinematic with new ones to buy in the Essence Shop
  • Create equipment presets, with copy/paste feature, to tweak your Fabsolver
  • Preview Equipment in the Essence Shop before buying
  • Dye your masks (not available with all masks)
  • Players can open up to 100 Rift Coins/Disks in a single button press
  • Reset attributes now cost 1 crystal

Other quality of life improvements are featured in this update, such as the ability to copy/paste decks in your deck selection menu, making it easier to refine and iterate on your favorite decks.

Schools Update

The 1.16 update features the first steps in the updates we want to make to the School system (there will be more school-related features in the next updates.

  • Players can now leave a School directly, without having to join a new one
  • Mentors can now update their School content by spending 1 Crystal
  • Hayen now has a “Find School by ID” feature
  • Players can learn attacks from their school decks by using them against enemies
  • School’s leaderboard is accessible from the School menu

New Gear and 3v3 Maps

Two new 3v3 maps are now available, as well as plenty of new gear, both in the shop and in Rift Coins/Disks.


  • New remapping options have been added. We also fixed the bugs linked to the older remapping version.
  • You can now skip Rift Disks/Coins opening animation
  • 3v3 Resource FX have been updated: Polish and optimization of the effects
  • The movements of the player now have sounds feedbacking more accurately their gear’s material


Attacks Details

The frames values displayed in the attack details panel are now more accurate. It does not necessarily mean that the attacks have changed, the full changes are listed below.



Min stamina cost5→ 10
Max stamina cost27.5→ 23


  • Take into account a more correct value of start-up to compute Attacks’ damage and advantage frames.
  • Increase damage of medium and strong attacks.
  • Mobility has a better damage bonus for Light Attacks.
  • Mobility “Light” has a better Stamina Regen when at the limit with Mobility “Normal”


  • Decrease the damage reduction

All Stopping Attacks

  • Impact on guard bonus (+20)
  • Light changes on attribute grades to allow better damage scaling
  • Increase stun on guard

Start-Up (a.k.a. Build-Up) (in frames)

Breaking Attacks
Rising Double Hand:(+2)
Pommel Bash:(+1)
Hammer Kick:(-1)
Knee Strike:(-1)
Collar Chop:(-1)
Spiral Palm:(-3)
Charging Attacks
Charged Haymaker:(-2)
Stopping Attacks
Dwit Chagi:(+1)
Crushing Palm:(+1)
Bending Palm:(-1)
Eye Poke:(-1)
Cross Punch:(-2)
Pulmonary Palm:(-5)
Strafing Attacks
Seven Star Thrust:(-3)
Jumping Attacks
Falcon Punch:(-4)
Regular Attacks
Fast Elbow:(+1)
Straight Punch:(-1)
Spinning Wide Hook:(-1)
Spinning High Kick:(-1)
Ankle stamp:(-1)
Spin Elbow:(-1)
Spin Back Fist:(-1)
Crouching Elbow:(-1)
Stretch Out Hook:(-1)
Back Hop Wrist:(-1)
Fast Punch:(-2)
Wallop Blow:(-2)
Chin Palm:(-2)
Upper Elbow:(-2)
Knife Hand Strike:(-2)

Standard Release (a.k.a. Recovery) (in frames)

Direct Punch:(+3)
Jab Punch:(+3)
Back Turn Wrist:(+2)
Fast Back Fist:(+2)
Fast Elbow:(+2)
Parry & Strike:(+1)
Back Hop Wrist:(-1)
Spin Elbow:(-1)

Target & Movement

High → Mid

  • Cross Punch
  • Drunk Stomp
  • Back Fist
  • Mill Punch
  • Illusion Twist Kick

Mid → High

  • Reverse Hips Slash
  • Sickle Slash
  • Painstaking Slash
  • Twist Back Kick
  • Forward Lean Slash
  • Mill Slash

Thrust → Horizontal

  • Jar Bash

Thrust → Vertical

  • Reverse Rising Thrust


  • Reverse Twist Slash: High/Thrust → Mid/Vertical
  • Backfall Strike: Mid/Vertical → High/Thrust

Pommel Attacks

  • Hit with the arm instead of weapon.



Stun (in frames):28→ 25 (-3)

Special abilities



Release (in frames)
Cancelled0→ 3 (+3)
Standard6→ 9 (+3)

Absorb Successful

Stamina Bonus20→ 30



Stamina Cost10→ 15
Release (in frames)
Standard9→ 10 (+1)

Avoid Successful

Stamina Bonus40→ 45


Avoided Effect:
Stamina Refill Coeffx0.3→ x0.5



Stamina Cost5→ 15
Release (in frames)
Cancelled6→ 8 (+2)

Parry Successful

Stamina Bonus15→ 30


Duration19→ 16 (-3)

Parry / Absorb / Avoid Successful

Reminder: when Parry / Absorb / Avoid are successful there is no release for the following actions : Dodge, Attacks, Special Ability.

New actions available directly after a successful ability:

  • Change quadrant
  • Weapon draw / sheath / drop / pickup
  • Powers
  • Emotes



Release (in frames)
Goldlink1→ 0 (-1)
Standard9→ 7 (-2)
Range170cm→ 180cm
Damage35→ 45
Decreased side movement



Range30cm→ 40cm

Cannot avoid Mid/Thrust attacks anymore


Release (in frames)
Goldlink3→ 2 (-1)
Standard11→ 10 (-1)

Game Mode


Overall damage Multiplierx1.3
Respawn delay15s→ 10s
Force respawn after60s→ 30s
Zone Health Refill75/s→ 50/s

Absolver update 1.16 is available now.