New Absolver Update Will Bring Prestige System, PvP Maps, and More

absolver update

In a recent interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Pierre Tarno – the creative lead behind the fighting game Absolver – discussed upcoming changes to the game, especially within its PvP system and how the developers plan on updating the game in the future.

According to Tarno, there is plans to bring a Prestige system into the game. The system will “allow high level players to respec their character, as well as get access to rare and even unique equipment.” said Tarno. “We are currently creating very cool assets (both rare variants, and unique pieces), and will give a more precise ETA on this very soon.”

While those who are already high level experts in the game will no doubt be glad to hear this, it sounds like there isn’t any plans for newer environments or bosses in the future. “Upcoming new areas will be dedicated to PvP,” said Tarno, “[there’s] no ETA yet on new areas and bosses, but it’s something that players request often so this is certainly something we’ll be looking into.”

Sloclap, the developers behind Absolver, are looking into ways to tweak the loot system in the game to help those players who aren’t as gifted as the experts. As it stands, duplicates drop at a fairly high rate, and with no real use for them (or a means to get rid of them), players are very frustrated, and Sloclap hopes to fix that soon.

“…we know that players can feel frustrated at not getting the items they want, having lots of duplicates, etc. We are going to do a couple of things to fix this: reworking our inventory to make it more manageable, as well as adding a system that will allow players to destroy pieces of equipment, which will give them a pigment allowing them to change the color variants of other pieces of equipment.”

While the idea of changing colors on your outfit may sound small, it opens up a new avenue for players to express themselves through their character, and will no doubt be a welcomed addition when it appears in the game. Tarno also wanted to apologize for the connection issues that were present at the games launch, describing it as “very annoying” and promising that the team will “keep working (very) hard” to improve the system.

Despite the slight issues at launch, it seems Sloclap is dedicated to extending the life of Absolver while also giving players exactly what they want.

[Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun]