Absolver’s New Update ‘Downfall’ Launches This September

It wasn’t long ago when we reported on Absolver‘s new update. Titled “Downfall,” this new expansion – which was announced alongside the game’s 1.21 update – is supposed to add “a new PvE game mode, where gamers enter a new underground area to battle corrupted Prospects to earn Gleam.” In addition to the PvE mode, Downfall will also add a new combat style called Faejin, inspired by Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (which translates to the “Way of the Intercepting Fist”), new gear, School challenges, and more. What’s most notable, however, is the inclusion of a new story in this upcoming update.

According to a post on PlayStation Universe, Downfall’s story starts with an Etheran called Iktar contacting the Absolvers with a dire warning:

His sibling Arcell is spreading Gleam deep down in the Adalian mines, and gaining power over Lost Prospects. The barrier to the Fold could be shattered, imploding the physical realities into abstractions and concepts. A path to the Fold and to Arcell can be found, beyond the Underground Temples – the truth will appear there, in a place where the fabric of reality is being torn apart.

It would seem that Absolver‘s Downfall update is going to be more of an expansion, as the inclusion of a story would signify more than just a series of additions to the game. It’s unclear whether this story will take place before, during, or after the events of the game’s main storyline. Thankfully, September isn’t too far away, so we won’t have to wait too much longer to check out this new Downfall story in Absolver.

In our review of the game, we gave it a 6/10, saying, “While Absolver is up and down in a lot of places, the game just doesn’t come together well. There’s something about the underlying design that makes it feel disjointed. Most of this comes from the quasi-open world aspect, but the ridiculous level of grinding involved and the disconnected PvP mode makes Absolver feel like a game that’s at war with itself. It certainly has the potential to be great though, with more of a focus on interweaving the PvE and PvP content as well as some expansions to the tight and narrow world of Adal and a very much needed mini-map system.”

Absolver is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Universe]