Absolver’s Downfall Expansion Arrives Later this Month

Absolver developer Sloclap has announced the release date today for Downfall, a new expansion coming to the online, martial arts brawler. Downfall launches on September 25, 2018, and it brings with it two major additions to the title, which itself was a PlayStation Plus freebie just last month. So, it’s the perfect time for some new content.

Downfall introduces a new mode that shares its name with the expansion’s title. The mode sees players working by themselves or in a group in the Adalian Mines, battling enemies for Gleam. Gleam can be turned in for experience and gear rewards, and each run in the mode is different in various ways. That includes stronger enemies, and three different boss fights.

Also introduced with the expansion is a new combat style, Faejin. This is a more complicated style meant for experienced Absolver players, but the cool thing about it is it’s inspired by Bruce Lee‘s Jeet Kune Do style. Faejin comes with three dozen attacks total, spread across bare hands, wargloves, and swords.

Finally, Downfall brings School Challenges into the mix. Players in schools will be able to face off against each other for precious School Leaderboard space, which are also being reworked for the expansion. Ranks will be updated after each season, and rewards will be distributed based on those ranks.

Plenty of new items, emotes, and more will come to the Essence Shop alongside Downfall, and of course the Gleam from the new mode will be used to unlock stuff there as well.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]