Dontnod and Focus Home Celebrate Vampyr Launch with Twitch Stream

With Vampyr‘s launch mere hours away, Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have announced a Twitch stream to celebrate the action RPG’s release. The stream will be held on Focus Home’s official Twitch page and is scheduled for 8 PM PST / 11 PM EST. While there, you can celebrate the launch of the game with Focus Home (and possibly members of Dontnod Entertainment, developers of 2013’s Remember Me and 2015’s Life is Strange) and have your questions answered.

In our hands-on preview of the game, we said, “Vampyr has really come together to present a varied take on the traditional action RPG,” and “If the game can remain as interesting as its first couple of hours throughout, then Vampyr is destined to be a success on multiple levels.” With Vampyr‘s emphasis on consequences — that is, how sucking the blood of this person affects the health of the people around you — and use of compelling combat mechanics, it’s easy to see the blood Vampyr has sucked. Remember Me employed a deck customization (similar to that of Sloclap’s 2017 action RPG, Absolver) to create a personalized combat system. While it doesn’t seem Vampyr implements the same system, the game does make improvements upon Remember Me‘s combat. Life is Strange made use of decision-making and interconnected character stories (akin to Telltale Games’ style of adventures). Surprisingly, Vampyr seems to be more interconnected than Life is Strange, with each character having a backstory and each character being familiar with most others. This means if one character dies, other inhabitants may be aware of that person’s missing presence. Be wary of who you romance and who you suck dry.

Head over to Focus Home’s Twitch page to watch the stream. Vampyr is set to release on June 5.