Sonic Forces PS4 Demo Now Available to Play in English

Sonic Forces PS4 demo is now available to download on the Japanese PlayStation Store. While players will have to make a Japanese account to go hands-on with Sonic Forces, they can play the game in English. The demo allows players to play as all three of the playable characters (modern and classic Sonic, and the Avatar) on Green Hill Zone, but only for a minute as there’s a time limit attached to the demo.

Look at the time limit as a challenge, though, as talented players have managed to clear the demo despite it.

Interested in more gameplay tidbits? Kite’s translated Sonic Forces Famitsu interview has plenty of information, including more about Wispons:

For example, the fire-based Wispon No.1 Burst attacks with a flamethrower while having aerial jump as its special movement. The thunder-based Wispon No.2 Lightning has an electric whip as its attack while the special movement lets the Avatar move with a trajectory based on the rings and enemies. And the hammer-shaped Wispon No.3 Cube can be used to launch a shockwave attack that turns enemies to cubes and subsequently rings, and has a special movement that generates cubes beneath the player as a platform.

Famitsu: In addition to the many styles, we’re also surprised that the action changes drastically with the Wispon used by the Avatar.

Nakamura: After pursuing the question of “What is a high-speed action that’s different from Sonic?” we came to a conclusion that we want [players] to enjoy various kinds of actions, so we made this system.

Famitsu: How did the idea of Wispons come from?

Iizuka: We’ve decided from the early phase that we’d make them gadgets that use the power of Wisps. And after that, we thought to refer them from the power of the source Wisps. In the end, Wispons are just gadgets for the civilian Avatar who stands up against Eggman’s army.

Sonic Forces releases November 7 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

[Source: Siliconera]