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Blood & Truth Detailed in Developer Interview

Earlier today Sony announced that the London Heist game from PlayStation Worlds is getting a full game. Called Blood & Truth, the PlayStation VR title looks to be an interactive action blockbuster. The developers walk players through a ton of new features in a video interview released by Sony.

Here’s how Sony describes the video:

Following it’s action-packed debut at Paris Games Week, we sat down with the creative team behind Blood and Truth, coming to PS VR. Learn how they’re expanding on the exceptional Heist and Getaway demos from VR Worlds, and how Blood and Truth represents a bold new vision for massive PS VR games.

Check out the new Blood & Truth PSVR interview below:

For more on the upcoming title (and to see the exciting reveal trailer), check out Chandler Wood’s post from this morning:

Blood and Truth builds on many of the ideas found in The London Heist, including not only massive shootouts, but also more intimate and immersive experiences that are really pronounced in virtual reality. It looks like it will require both Move controllers to play (or at least the experience will be vastly enhanced with the motion controllers). No release has been announced yet, but it’s hopeful that we’ll see Blood and Truth sometime in 2018.

The trailer features things such as lockpicking, threatening people with gunshots to the thigh, and crawling through vents. With the excellent work that was done on The London Heist, my faith is high in London Studios for a more fully fleshed out version of that experience. You can check out the full trailer for London Studios’ Blood and Truth above. What’s most clear is that there is a strong support for PlayStation VR.

Blood & Truth is set to release on PlayStation VR