Sucker Punch’s New Game is Called Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch has finally revealed their new game, and it’s not a continuation of the InFamous series. Set in Feudal Japan, their new title called Ghost of Tsushima will allow players to see “the power of the Mongol Empire.” No release date was given yet for the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Check out the debut trailer of Ghost of Tsushima below:

For more on the last game from Sucker Punch, check out our InFamous: First Light review. Here’s what reviewer Chandler Wood had to say about the title:

Going beyond the story, we’re offered enough content that Sony deemed First Light worthy of a platinum trophy by itself. The bulk of this content is in the challenges, which are quite fun for really getting a chance to play with Fetch’s neon powers. In fact, there are multiple upgrades that you can’t even unlock during the story and are solely used for the challenge rooms. Gaining all of these upgrades does take away some of the challenge however and this should be a fairly easy platinum for anybody seeking it out. Graffiti missions are back, which look really cool in neon, but fail to have the same fun that spraypainting using the DualShock 4 had in Second Son. Of course, there’s also the photo mode, which took tons of time from me as I was playing through. If I hadn’t had to finish First Light for this review, I’d probably still be taking photos in it right now.

Fetch’s story is a great tale of family bonds, hard times, and gives a much deeper look at a character that didn’t get nearly enough exposition in Second Son. The focus on neon powers alone doesn’t limit Fetch at all and a hefty set of challenges make First Light plenty to hold inFAMOUS fans over until we get the inevitable next game in the series. There isn’t enough different here to convince anyone who didn’t like Second Son, but for gamers who enjoyed Delsin’s story, First Light feels like a more focused title, and adds greatly to what was already an awesome open world superhero series.

Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PlayStation 4.