Ultrawings psvr

Ultrawings is an Open-World Aerial Adventure for PSVR

PlayStation VR owners got a treat during Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 press conference as Ultrawings got an impressive trailer. This upcoming PSVR title allows players to take flight, and pilot airplanes across an open-world island. The gameplay trailer shows some of the goals that players will have, such as flying through cones. As the name would suggest, it seems to draw inspiration from the Pilotwings series, yet is also putting its own twist on things.

Here’s how developer Bit Planet Games describes their PlayStation VR title Ultrawings:

In Ultrawings, players fly multiple, light aircraft to complete a variety of challenges across a beautiful, island-themed world!  The game includes full [motion] support for an unparalleled level of immersion and interactivity!

Key Features

– Pilot 3 distinct aircraft using your virtual hands for an unparalleled flight experience!

– Soar around 3 unique, beautifully stylized islands!

– Earn money to buy new airports and new vehicles! Ultrawings is a VR game with progression!

– Lots of gameplay variety! Pop balloons, snap photos, perform spot landings, fly through score rings, and even perform emergency landings! Ultrawings is the ultimate hobbyist flight game!

– The world feels alive! Soar by flocks of seagulls, buzz other planes, and even fly by boats and cars!

– Full English voice-overs guide you through the game!

Check out the Ultrawings PSVR trailer below:

“When I was 13 I had an extremely vivid dream of flying an ultralight across the ocean,” said Bit Planet Games Founder and Studio Director Christopher Stockman. “It was so realistic that I ended up writing a short story about that experience the next morning.  Now over 25 years later I can finally turn that dream into (virtual) reality!”

Ultrawings is “coming soon” to PlayStation VR.