Watch a Slew of Monster Hunter World Gameplay Videos

There is a gameplay demo for the upcoming Monster Hunter World at the Paris Games Show 2017, and many outlets have been able to release videos showing off the new game of the popular series in action. Thanks to Gematsu, there’s a nice round-up of the videos for all to watch. Monster Hunter World is set to release January 26, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

We’ll highlight a few of the many videos the Gematsu has compiled in their post.

First, Famitsu has some footage of completing a quest. This has some Japanese subtitles, but it’s largely about the gameplay:

Game Informer, meanwhile, has some very important footage of the cooking process:

IGN has videos of all the armor sets and monsters revealed so far:

Finally, 4Gamer has some videos of monster hunts. Here’s a video of them hunting Kulu-Ya-Ku and Pukei-Pukei:

There more at Gematsu, if that’s not enough Monster Hunter World gameplay for you!

Monster Hunter World will have a PlayStation 4 only beta as well, which will happen from December 9 to 12. Here’s a bit more on that:

Available starting December 9, players from around the world can experience three fearsome quests as they join up with other hunters online or take on the beasts alone in the exclusive beta for PlayStation Plus users. Running for three days, hunters participating in the beta can tackle the hungry Great Jagras, a scavenger capable of swallowing other monsters whole, or the fiery and territorial Anjanath, both of which roam the dense and complex eco-system within the Ancient Forest. For those feeling brave enough they can adventure to the desert land of the Wildspire Waste where the armored Barroth can be found lurking in the muddy waters, waiting to unleash its devastating charge attack.

Monster Hunter World will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 26, 2018.

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