Recent Estimates Suggest PSVR Sales Have Earned Sony Over $500 Million

When the PlayStation VR released, it was said by many that the headset could not be profitable for Sony and that it would more than likely not do so well. In a recent article by Road to VR, however, it was revealed that according to Greenlight Insights, Sony has sold more than 1.5 million PlayStation VR headsets through October 2017 and made a decent amount of money in their efforts.

Using a base average of $350 as a selling price, Road to VR estimates that Sony has made somewhere in the neighborhood of $525 million in hardware revenue alone on the PSVR. Add with that the unknown amount of revenue from their software – games and other VR ventures – and it can be assumed that Sony has made a lot of money on its foray into virtual reality.

While the amount itself may not be huge in comparison to the money they’ve made from the PlayStation 4 hardware itself, it’s still a pretty eye popping number when you consider that many thought virtual reality was a dying “hobby” just a couple of months ago.  What would be interesting to note, though, is the numbers of PSVR sales aren’t from any sort of dates, so there’s no mention of exactly how many units sold in a particular month.

Still though, the numbers certainly speak for themselves, and with the holiday season right around the corner and Sony already promising to invest heavily in their VR front, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the company continue to sell more headsets as the year comes to a close.

[Source: Road to VR]