NIS America Offers Info on the Updated Ys VIII Localization, Delayed to 2018

After heavy complaints were lobbied over the original localization of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, NIS has promised to go over the entire game and fix things. Over at their blog today, the folks at NIS America posted an update on how that’s going, and fans should be pleased.

Alan Costa – a Senior Associate Producer for NIS – took to the blog to announce that the company is addressing the issues of the Ys VIII localization from the ground up. Their focus, he said, were on the following:

       Reviewing and revising the translation with a new translator

       A complete re-edit of the script (voiced and unvoiced) as well as corrections to item names and descriptions with a new editor

       Voice re-recording

       Debugging the new build

According to Costa, because of the scope of the job they’re doing, the originally intended end of the month release is no longer something they can hit. Instead, there is no hard date, but Costa said barring any issues, the studio is looking to get the new localization out “early next year.”

This news will no doubt please some fans, but it is a bit disappointing to hear the game will have to be delayed. However, given how poorly received the original localization of the game was, it’s not surprising to see NIS America taking a much more patient approach this time around. It seems clear that they have no intention of messing up again, so we’ll just have to be patient for any more information.

[Source: NIS America]