A New Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation VR Bundle Is Hitting Store Shelves

A new PlayStation VR bundle that includes Gran Turismo Sport is making its way to retail stores across North America, Sony recently announced. For USD 399.99 (CAD 499.99), you’ll get the following:

  • PS VR system
  • PlayStation camera
  • Physical copy of Gran Turismo Sport
  • An updated PS VR demo disc featuring 13 demos

Do note that this bundle doesn’t include the revised PS VR headset, which was unveiled earlier in October. The CUH-ZVR2 model has an updated Processor Unit that supports HDR pass through, and comes with a slimmer connection cable. The new design will also enable stereo headphone cables to be integrated with the headset.

For more on Gran Turismo Sport‘s VR component, make sure to check out our review of the game. PlayStation LifeStyle’s Tyler Treese felt that what could have been PS VR’s “killer app” was unfortunately tacked on. He wrote:

With the way it’s packaged, it’s turned into a throwaway mode that you’ll occasionally use or show friends, but that’s it. There’s no real replayability, no proper structure, and nothing to keep players from coming back. As far as entertainment goes, it’s an absolute tragedy that it’s been undersold rather than been fleshed out further.

If you’re looking to pick up PS VR’s latest model, stay tuned.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]