God Eater 3 Will be Coming to the PS4, According to Bandai Namco Korea

While we still don’t have any release information for the planned God Eater 3, a recent post on the Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea blog has officially labeled it as a PlayStation 4 title.

Nothing else has been announced just yet, but according to the blog, the game is at least confirmed to be on one of the newer generations consoles. This comes as a not so unexpected surprise, as last month we got a more in-depth look at some of the gameplay elements from the upcoming God Eater, and it seemed like something created for the modern age of consoles.

Here’s information on the new Aragami monsters (courtesy of Gematsu):

Aragami graphics and motions have significantly evolved from previous titles. Aragami will become an even greater threat that attack the player.

First details on the new Aragami, which was only shown as a silhouette in previous trailers, have been revealed. Its massive appearance will overwhelm the player.

The new Aragami will launch devour attacks against God Arc users. This God Arc user-devouring Aragami will change forms from quadrupedal traversal to bipedal traversal in order to launch even more brutal attacks. And it will not stop at simply damaging the devoured player.

When the new Aragami’s form changes, its attack motions will also change in a big way. It is crucial that the player fights with different strategies during both its quadrupedal traversal to bipedal traversal phases.

There is currently no release date set for God Eater 3 as of now, but we do know it will be on the PlayStation 4. We’ll keep you updated when we learn more.

[Source: Gematsu]