Nioh Update 1.21 Features Bug Fixes and Gameplay Adjustments

Nioh update 1.21 is now available to download. The latest patch for the action game brings with it some gameplay tweaks regarding items and amrita memories. On top of that, there’s a bunch of bug fixes that’ll make for a better experience. You can view all of the changes in the Nioh update 1.21 patch notes.

Check out the Nioh update 1.21 patch notes below:


  • You can now pick up defiled items dropped from bloody graves in the abyss even if you are already carrying the limit of 500 items. Note – In order to pick up new items, you must reduce the number of items in your inventory to below 500.
  • Changed the sorting order of amrita memories to a predetermined order, rather than being ordered according to the time the player obtained the memory.


  • Fixed a bug in which sometimes defeating a boss in the abyss would not result in a “completion”.
  • Fixed a bug in which level 320 items would not gain stat increases for reaching maximum familiarity.
  • Fixed a bug in which dropped equipment you picked up during a battle of skill would disappear after the match was over.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

For even more on the action game, check out our Nioh review. Here’s what I had to say about the title earlier this year:

Another disappointing aspect of the game is its visual performance. While the game runs at a solid frame-rate of 60fps, the visual resolution jumps around a lot depending on how much is happening on-screen. There are some options on the main menu where the player can enhance the visuals at the cost of frame-rate, but the hit in performance wasn’t worth slightly less pop-in. I’ve also seen enemies disappear completely when I would take a slight step backward and the animation of large foes almost looked like they were stop-motion when at a distance. These visual hiccups aren’t enough to really take away from the game, but they are definitely noticeable. If anything, it made me wish there was a PC version of the game as the best of both worlds simply can’t be had on a PS4 Pro.

Nioh is a game of highs and lows. It’s a tremendous blast when the combat gets to shine, but it often gets the spotlight after hours of tedium. Instead of crafting a tight 20-hour experience like Ninja Gaiden, Team Ninja has opted to create a title that had me constantly grinding. It’s a flawed experience that really has no respect for the player’s time, but one that I’m ultimately glad to have experienced.

Nioh update 1.21 is available now.

[Source: Sihmar]