Run Through the Wonderful World of Oz in Run, Dorothy, Run!

Virtro Entertainment has announced today that their upcoming “rhythm runner” for the PSVR, Run, Dorothy, Run!, is releasing on December 12. For those that might not have caught on, the game does star Dorothy and takes place in the fantasy world of The Wizard of Oz.

Over at the PlayStation Blog, Jordan Bright – one of the Founders of Virtro Entertainment – discussed some of the game, in which you play as Dorothy, the girl from Kansas who ends up in Oz. The game, which is billed as a “rhythm runner,” is set around you having to run around and pick up the Wizard’s things, as the Wicked Witch of the West has stolen them.

To help you along on your quest, the Wizard has granted you magical shoes which allow her to always run, and the game features an electro-swing beat that should keep you wanting to move as often as possible. For a bit more on the upcoming Run, Dorothy, Run!, make sure to check out below:

Fortunately for you, your feet can stay planted—with Dorothy’s magical shoes, the running is done for you, transporting you through this endless-rhythm-runner as you explore the fantastical lands of Oz. Set to an amazing electro-swing beat and created specifically to make the most of being in a virtual reality world, Run Dorothy Run has a core game mechanic that will challenge the most advanced VR players, while offering a fun entry-level experience for newcomers.

Run, Dorothy, Run! launches first on PSVR on December 12.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]