I Hate Running Backwards gameplay

Fast-Paced Runner ‘I Hate Running Backwards’ Boasts Explosion-Packed Gameplay

Are you ready for nonstop action that only gets better and harder the farther you progress in the game? That’s exactly what I Hate Running Backwards brings to the hybrid shoot-em-up and endless runner genre.

Developed by Binx Interactive, Croteam Incubator, and Devolver Digital, I Hate Running Backwards will arrive on PlayStation 4 and other gaming platforms on May 22.

Players will jump in the shoes of Sam and his friends, who are lost in a time continuum. They have to fight their way through hordes of different monsters spanning different time periods in history. Similar to other endless runners, Sam and company can earn bonuses in damage or pick up powerful weapons along the way.

However, what separates I Hate Running Backwards from other shoot-em-up titles is the fact that the game’s various environments are totally destructible. The game boasts a diverse arsenal of weapons that bring maximum destructive potential to players. If you are a fan of Serious Sam, Hotline Miami, or Enter the Gungeon, you’ll surely love the utter devastation that awaits your path in I Hate Running Backwards.


  • Swing like you mean it! – Deflect rockets, bullets, bombs and cannon balls by swinging your mighty hammer! Destroy enemies with it! Destroy the environment with it! The more you swing, the more fun it gets!
  • Why run, when you can walk? – Drive cars, boats, choppers, ride mine carts! High speed destruction FTW!
  • Do you feel special, punk? – Break Special Weapon crates to get one of more than 40 Special Weapons in the game, ranging from the Shrapnel Umbrella to the allmighty Peacekeeper!
  • Are you Serious? – Play as Sam “Serious” Stone, or other action game heroes in an endless mega-epic battle to destroy as many aliens and monsters as possible. If you’re going down, how many can you take with you?
  • Shoot ‘em down! – Take on the shoot ‘em up genre upside down with Sam doing what he hates the most – running backwards!
  • Monsters! Monsters everywhere! – Fight against horde after horde of enemies! Endless waves of monsters are coming straight for you! How long can you survive?
  • More powah! – Collect power ups that give you additional edge in combat!
  • Bosses and perks – Battle huge bosses and get perks after every victory ranging from faster movement, bigger health to bigger melee range and more ammo.
  • Who’s with me? – Fight side by side with a friend in the couch co-op multiplayer mode for 2 players. Remember to leave some ammo for her/him.
  • Who else is with me? – Unlock various and unique characters that bring their own special abilities to the battlefield.
  • Destructible environment – Watch as you and your foes destroy everything in your path while battling each other.
  • Guns blazin’ – Dual wield your weapons to glory! Combine Main and Special weapons and turn yourself into the ultimate death machine!

[Source: Croteam]