Sony Plans to Produce More PSVR Move Controllers in Anticipation of New VR Titles

According to recent reports by, Sony is beginning to increase production of its motion-sensitive PlayStation Move controllers ahead of the new batch of PSVR titles that are expected to launch between the end of the year and into next year.

Speaking at Develop:VR in London earlier today, Stuart Whyte – Sony London Studio’s director of VR product development – said Sony is tracking the number of players who own Move controllers, and hopes to increase that number as the PSVR user base grows.

“Currently, two thirds of the games released so far on PlayStation VR are Move-compatible or require Move,” Whyte said at the event. “As we see more Oculus and Vive titles come to PSVR, we’re expecting this number to increase. Sony is increasing the Move production capacity to [cater] to this.”

According to Whyte, the ratio of PS4 Pro attachments for PSVR is high, and as such, the company wants to continue supporting the device while also making sure to be able to run it on the standard PlayStation 4. Since the PSVR launched in 2016, more than 140 titles have launched for the device, and Whyte predicted that games – not interactive experiences – will be the main sales driver for virtual reality.

“We’re currently sitting at five games sold per headset, so we’re seeing a really strong attach rate from our first year. Many of those games to date are smaller experiences, they’re experiences that we as developers [use to] get to know the platform built around one or two mechanics.” he said. “”We feel that for VR to get to the next level, we need bigger, built from the ground up VR AAA experiences.”

While this is nothing but talk for now, it’s very clear that Sony intends to continue supporting the PSVR no matter what outside voices say, which can only be a good thing to those who have invested in the hardware.