PlayStation VR Social Club Rec Room Getting Open Beta Later This Month

The folks over at Against Gravity have announced today that the Rec Room PlayStation VR open beta will be available on the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, November 21. The game is a virtual reality social club that allows players to connect with their friends from around the world and play games with them. It had previously been in closed beta last month.

Over at the PlayStation Blog, Shawn Whiting – the Community Designer for Against Gravity – went over some of what players can expect when they first jump into the world of Rec Room. “When you launch Rec Room for the first time you’ll start in your dorm room where you can create and stylize your avatar. From there you can head out into the Rec Center to interact with players from around the world or go straight into one of the many activities.”

Whiting goes a bit more in depth on what fans can look forward to in a few weeks, as he detailed some of the things you’ll be able to do once you create your avatar and jump into the Rec Room. For some of that, check out below, and for more head over to the PlayStation Blog:

If you’re more of the creative type check out the maker pen, sandbox machine, and custom rooms. Custom rooms allow you to host your own private instance of any Rec Room activity. You can enable sandbox mode to decorate your space, create minigames, or host events! We’re always expanding our suite of creative tools and are looking forward to seeing what the PS VR community creates.

The Rec Room open will be available starting November 21.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]