Demon Gaze II Out Today for PS4 & Vita, Watch the Launch Trailer

To celebrate the release of Demon Gaze II, publisher NIS America has released a new launch trailer. The dungeon-crawler is out today on both PlayStation 4 and Vita. As the name indicates, it’s the sequel to Demon Gaze, which released exclusively on PlayStation Vita in 2014.

Here’s how NIS America describes the game:

Blessed by the sun and sea, One nation enjoys complete harmony – Asteria. Behind the facade of peace, exploitation of the people was rampant, and from their pain, the demons were born. Seeking to unmask the evil and create a revolution, one group of new Demon Gazers stood tall… they were known as the Revolutionist Party.

Check out the new Demon Gaze II launch trailer below:

For a more in depth look at the characters, make sure to check out the bios from the developer below:

Muse- The Revolutionist Party’s leader and manager of Stella’s Place, their headquarters. She is the MC for the Overthrow Radio program, on which she exposes injustices.

Prim – Muse’s younger sister. Has an incomparable singing voice. She sings “Starlita” on Overthrow Radio for all listeners to hear.

Prometh – A mysterious girl. She is the Revolutionists’ broadcast writer and part-time mortician.

Cassel – A reliable man who supports the revolution. He runs the Weapon and Item Shop inside Stella’s Place

Lezerem – A black-market radio dealer who supports the Revolutionists. He tends to go missing often…

Toma – An energetic butler who works at Stella’s Place

Demon Gaze II is available now in North American and Europe for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.