Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Raid Content is Called a “Raid Lair,” Expansion to the Leviathan

Today’s Bungie live stream was the first of three providing additional details about the upcoming Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris expansion. In addition to looking at the new characters, location, and story that players will encounter, they also took the opportunity to address a question that has been on everyone’s mind since Curse of Osiris was announced: What is Raid content?

For clarification, when the expansion was initially revealed, the description said “New Raid Content” for one of the bullet points, leading many to believe that what we would be getting would not be a full Raid. Some surmised that it would be additional content on the massive Leviathan ship, and others thought that it would be a reworked Vault of Glass, the original Raid from the first Destiny game.

Today’s stream revealed that the additional Curse of Osiris Raid content is a six-player activity called a Raid Lair, but is said to be just as challenging and fun as any Raid created for Destiny so far. The Raid Lair is an additional node on the Leviathan, and Bungie Community Manager Deej showed a quick tease of how the activity will take Guardians deeper into the belly of the beast rather than up to the top of the city.

The team behind the Raid Lair promises new puzzles, content, and a whole new boss to fight, along with a second Raid Lair expansion coming to the Leviathan with Expansion II in the Spring of next year. The Raid Lair will reward players with unique loot, including armor, weapons, and cosmetics that are different from those found in the standard Leviathan Raid. The team also promised that there will be a Prestige mode for this Raid Lair. It seems like this will be a mini-Raid, which is not surprising for the three month expansion. We can likely expect to see a full new Raid at the release of Destiny 2’s yearly expansion next September (if previous releases are anything to go by).

While it’s a bit disappointing to not see the Raid explore more about Osiris, the Vex, the Infinite Forest, and that whole story line, it’s interesting to see Bungie expand the role of Leviathan in the game. With the Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Raid being newly named a Raid Lair, we’ll have to wait to jump in and see if it’s the same kind of high-level endgame content that Guardians have come to expect from the studio.

You can watch the first mission of Curse of Osiris, and read my impressions on the story and characters after my hands-on with the campaign last week. We’ll continue bringing you hands-0n impressions of Curse of Osiris throughout the month, culminating in  review of the expansion shortly after its launch on December 5.

[Source: Bungie]