Far Cry 5 Director Pitches New Game Project During Recent Lecture

At a recent developer lecture at the British Academy of Film and television, Far Cry 5 director Dan Hay showed off his pitch for a new game project tentatively called Yarn, featuring a misplaced space teddy bear.

Toward the end of his lecture, Hay- who has done work on the Far Cry series since Far Cry 3 – pitched a game idea that started out as a thought experiment based on meaningful personal memories and interests. For this game, he chose his childhood teddy bear, the tale of Prometheus, and his fascination with space travel. “I want to retell the story of Prometheus, giving that key moment of thought but I want to replace fire with a teddy bear and I want to put it in space because it’s f**king awesome.”

According to Hay, several weeks ago he took this idea and sat down with Ubisoft’s Serge Meirinho, the art director of Child of Light, to try and develop the game into something more substantial. “It starts with a bear, and a little girl who loves her bear – in space, because it’s cool,” Hay began. “She lives out in space, she has normal parents, a normal life; she loves this bear, she has tea parties with this bear, she has birthdays with this bear […]” he said. “She goes to bed every night knowing that this bear is there to protect her […] until one night she’s not protected.”

“Danger strikes, a klaxon goes off. Her parents come running into the room […] they pick her up and they rush outside, and the bear is left in the bed. And she turns and she screams “No!” and she runs back, she grabs the bear, and they head to the spaceship. But at the last possible minute, she stumbles and she drops the bear. The doors close – fwoosh – and she sits there pressed up against it, screaming “No!” as the bear is left behind. And the rocket takes off and goes into space and gets smaller and smaller and smaller.

Hay goes on to lay out a good portion of the game (the rest of which can be read over at Eurogamer) in which players must control a Razagaboo – a creature found within space – as they journey out into the world. It’s an entertaining pitch for sure, and with the enthusiasm that Hay seems to describe it, one can only hope the game actually gets made.

[Source: Eurogamer]