Dead by Daylight Update 1.20 Out Now, Read the Patch Notes

Dead by Daylight update 1.20 is now available to download for the multiplayer horror title. While there aren’t many changes, the Dead by Daylight update 1.20 patch notes reveal that it fixes one big problem. Players will no longer disconnect from the server while “transitioning to a lobby through a Survive with Friends group.”

Check out the Dead by Daylight update 1.20 patch notes below:

  • Fixed an issue causing players to disconnect from the server while transitioning to a lobby through a Survive with Friends group.

While this update was minor, the recently released Dead by Daylight update 1.19 had plenty of changes. You can view those patch notes below:

  • Added new VFX when failing a generator skill check to wake up


  • Added a status effect on the portrait of a Survivor who is asleep
  • Added dissolve VFX on the Nightmare when a survivor is transitioning to the Dream State
  • Removed the in and out of Dream World transition when The Nightmare performs his memento mori kill. Now survivors who are being killed by the Nightmare will always be in the Dream State
  • Increased The Nightmare’s terror radius from 16 to 24 meters. Increasing the Terror radius allows for survivors to have more room to maneuver around Freddy without having their aura seen. We’ve matched the Terror Radius and Lullaby to keep The Nightmare’s presence consistent at a base.
  • Increased The Nightmares slowdown when successfully putting someone to sleep from 1 to 3 seconds. The slowdown will be more present and give survivors a slight window to put distance between themselves and Freddy before they are asleep.
  • The Nightmare will now appear twice briefly during the Dream Transition instead of being visible throughout the Dream Transition. This change should help Freddy players to confuse their targets and encourage a disengage and surprise strategy.
  • Survivors with the Adrenaline perk at all Tiers will automatically be woken up from the Dream State when Adrenaline triggers. Adrenaline tiers 1 and 2 gain the ability to heal from dying as well as Tier 1 gains a 5-second sprint on activation. Updated description in English only
  • Removed the ability to wake up a survivor in crawl state. Now when healed to the injured state they will automatically be woken up. Also applicable when using the Unbreakable perk
  • Changed the medkit add-ons Needle & Thread and Surgical Suture to have an additive increased skill check chances instead of a multiplicative one. Changed the Surgical Suture Skillcheck chance, increased it from Slightly(3%) to Moderately(5%). English only
  • Tweaked the Dream State VFX when a survivor is being pulled out of a locker when awake. Now the survivor is put to sleep at the beginning of the interaction rather than at the end
  • Nightmare’s Red Paint Brush add-on reduces terror radius by 16 meters instead of 8 meters, this is an adjustment since we increased the terror radius to 24 meters as a base for Freddy.
  • Fixed a bug where we made the 0.3 seconds of the attack always play has made all lunges feel longer. In fact, we are playing the full attack phase animation allowing the killer too fully swing before playing the blade wipe animation. We have made a tweak this patch where this is not true for the obstruction hit. An obstruction as soon as it is registered will go into the obstruction hit cooldown.

Dead by Daylight update 1.20 is available now.

[Source: UpdateCrazy]