Frictional Games Adding Safe Mode to SOMA, Allows Players to Explore Without Being Scared

Frictional Games has announced today that a “safe mode” will be brought to the world of SOMA, allowing users to explore the game without the fear of being spooked.

For those unaware, SOMA is a science fiction horror game that is often praised for its moody environment and story-telling. However, it’s also been described as one of the more frightening games to be released in some time. The safe mode will allow users to explore the game’s environments without the threat of enemy attacks, similar to what Assassin’s Creed Origins is doing in their “Discovery Tour” mode.

The update will be available with the Xbox One release on December 1, and also release for the PC version of the game as a free download, with a PS4 update coming later on.

In case you haven’t had a chance to play, make sure to check out our review of SOMA:

Despite the issues outlined above, most horror fans will have a good time with SOMA. Frictional Games have shown us time and time again that they are masters of telling a scary story; this time, without the crutch of plentiful jump scares. SOMA is a game that can cause you to question your humanity, if only for a few moments. It’s just a shame that the HPL Engine 3 was not up-to-snuff for the PlayStation 4. Still, this is a great game to play, whether by yourself or with others watching, and considering a play time of around 12 hours, it’s a pretty good thriller for $30.

SOMA is available now.

[Source: US Gamer]