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Dead by Daylight Sells 3 Million Copies as Publisher Starbreeze Reports a Loss

Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight has sold three million copies across consoles and PC, but that wasn’t enough to prevent publisher Starbreeze from incurring a loss in its third quarter ended September 2017, which it attributed to its “expansive phase.”

The house of Payday suffered a loss of SEK 35.3 million before tax but did see an increase in net sales. Starbreeze’s financial report states:

Net sales for the third quarter reached SEK 77.7 million, an increase by 11 percent excluding non-recurring revenue last year. PAYDAY and Dead by Daylight generated revenues on par with the third quarter of 2016, even though the games are one year older. We are in an expansive phase with ongoing initiatives in all business areas, which will affect profitability in the short term. The aim of these initiatives is to level up Starbreeze and achieve revenues exceeding SEK 2 billion by 2020.

While Starbreeze seems satisfied with its publishing agreements and virtual reality investment, the company wants to remain focused on developing its own games. “We will continue to develop games where the gameplay sets the stage for ongoing development and new updates for the lifetime of the game,” reads the report. “The plan is to have at least three parallel development teams and to optimize team staffing for ongoing game projects.”

You can find the full report below.

[Source: Starbreeze]