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Dead by Daylight’s Next Killer Is Chucky

After the Xenomorph joined the fight and Stranger Things moved back in, Dead By Daylight‘s next iconic horror franchise star will be the king of the killer dolls, Chucky from the Child’s Play movies and Chucky television show.

Dead by Daylight is Now Child’s Play

Behaviour Interactive had teased earlier this year that it would be bringing a highly demanded horror icon to the game, and Chucky has been on the wishlists of many a Dead by Daylight fan for some time.

Chucky doesn’t come alone though; Tiffany will also be available, presumably as an alternate skin.

It will interesting to see how the diminutive killer works as he’s quite the departure from the usual horror villains Dead by Daylight has entertained over the years. Hopefully, he doesn’t become the OddJob of the game’s roster.

It also seems it will come with its own map as Chucky is seen stalking through a furnished house.

Chucky, the soul of criminal Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) encased in a Goody Guy doll, has been the star of multiple films in the Child’s Play series, whereas Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly)was introduced in Bride of Chucky. They currently reside in a television series called Chucky, which is in its third season.

Full details are likely to arrive later today when Behaviour Interactive officially reveals more about its next killer.