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Let’s Talk! – Open Discussion (Nov 18)

Welcome to this week’s open forum. While we’re all brought to PlayStation LifeStyle due to our love of gaming, you can discuss other topics here such as music, movies or sports (anything, really). We all have other interests, and it might turn out that other readers dig the same things that you do. Let’s all get to know everyone a little bit better!

November is getting into full gear, and there were several exciting new releases this week. With that being said, what game are you playing this month? Are you spending your time with new releases, or are you planning to work your way through your backlog instead? What’s the last game you beat? We’d love to know more.

As always, in the interest of our diverse community, controversial and divisive topics like religion and politics are not fit for discussion here. Additionally, since the idea behind Let’s Talk! is to give our readers a space where they can comfortably talk to us and other readers, we will be moderating this forum quite closely. Threats, personal attacks, racist remarks, homophobic comments, etc. will all be removed and the user banned. After all, commenting is a privilege not a right.

With all that said, let’s get started. Chat away!