Fortnite Update Adds Silenced SMG, Read the Patch Notes

A brand new Fortnite update is now available, and it comes with some major balance changes. Not only has the assault rifle accuracy been increased (the ADS accuracy benefit has increased by 33%, while the accuracy penalty per shot has decreased by 20%), but a silenced SMG is now available to use. The weapon can be found in common, uncommon, and rare variants. It’s also the quietest weapon in the game.

The Fortnite update was a hotfix, and went live earlier today. That means that there was no downtime, and no players were interrupted mid-match.

Check out the Fortnite update patch notes below:

  • Enabled Silenced SMG
    • Can be found as a Common, Uncommon or Rare variant.
    • This new SMG is Suppressed, making it the quietest weapon in the game.
  • Assault Rifle accuracy increased.
    • ADS accuracy benefit increased by 33%.
    • Accuracy penalty per shot decreased by 20%.
    • Accuracy reset speed increased by 20%.
    • Recoil reduced by 30%.
  • SMG damage increased from 12/12/13 to 14/15/16 for all rarities.
  • SMG magazine size increased from 25 to 35.
  • Tactical SMG damage increased from 14/15/16 to 16/17/18 for all rarities.
  • Adjusted SMG/Tactical SMG environmental damage to match base damage.
  • Rocket Launcher reload time increased by 10%.

The new Fortnite update, which adds in the silenced SMG and makes several key balance changes, is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Are you happy with the latest hotfix? What are your first impressions of using the silenced SMG in gameplay? Let us know how you feel about the latest Fortnite update by leaving a message in the comments below!

[Source: Epic Games]