Yoko Taro Discusses His Time Spent Working With Platinum Games in Latest Interview

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Yoko Taro – best known for directing the NieR and Drakengard series – discussed a wide range of topics, including what he thinks about the video game studio Platinum, and if he plans to continue working with them in the future.

When asked what his thoughts were on Platinum as a studio, Taro was quick to heap praise on those there, calling the studio “very talented” and “very unique” when it comes to everyone, not just the higher ups in the company. “There’s a lot of really passionate, really skilled young staff directors. And obviously, they go off the line, they give their opinion about what they want to do and how they view games to the top, and then it’s those guys at the top who manage that. It’s a great company.”

In a second question regarding the recent comments by designer Hideki Kamiya on how NieR: Automata “saved” Platinum, Taro downplayed that to simply Kamiya being a nice guy. “…I think in part, that’s just him being nice to us and talking us up. I think we’ve got a lot to thank them for as well — certainly all the young development staff I talked about. It really was a great opportunity for them to show what they’ve got and it brought them up two or three levels higher.” he said. “And as a whole, I think that’s something [the whole Nier team], myself included, really have to thank them for. I think they did a really brilliant job on that.”

Towards the end of the interview, Taro was asked if he plans to continue working with Platinum, and Taro was quick to say that the studio and him had no current plans, but that he would “certainly” like to work with the studio again. “I discussed a lot with the young staff on the Platinum team and it would be really great to work with them again in the future.” Of course, it wouldn’t be a Yoko Taro interview if he didn’t include some nice jokes, stating that as long as Square-Enix “provides the money,” he’ll make anything they ask.

The entire interview can be found by heading over to the Game Informer website, and it’s definitely worth the read to learn more about Taro and his views on a multitude of things.

[Source: Game Informer]