Jump Into The Light As Destiny 2 Free Trial Begins Tomorrow

Today, Bungie has announced that starting tomorrow players will be able to access a free trial of Destiny 2 that features all multiplayer functions and gives players access to some of the campaign of the game as well. According to Bungie, all progress can be carried over into the full game should players be able to purchase it, and even things like the co-op raids and the PvP Crucible will be available to experience.

There’s no word yet on just what limits you will experience in the game, but it’s safe to assume there will be some limits to what you can and can’t do when the trial goes live tomorrow.

Recently, our own Chandler Wood took to discussing Destiny 2, the community demanding updates to the game, and the upcoming Curse of Osiris expansion. Check out a brief snippet of that below:

Destiny 2 is filled with great content, content that I and many others want a reason to play. More Destiny 2 content is welcome with Curse of Osiris, but the community can’t help but feel it will just be more “stuff” crippled by a poor and unrewarding endgame chase. They want more information on sandbox changes coming in Season Two. They want to know how activities like Strikes, Adventures, Lost Sectors, and Raids will become more rewarding. They want Osiris to come with not only new content of his own, but with changes to the existing Destiny 2 experience.

I need to be clear that problem doesn’t lie with the Curse of Osiris development team. They’ve done a great job with the first expansion, one that will be coming just three short months after Destiny 2’s initial launch. Bungie needs to remember that while the development of Destiny 2 may be fragmented between various groups such as the content teams and the live team, the community sees the final combined result. Giving the Destiny community insight into new content while not addressing their feedback about the current experience is more damaging than helpful, even if those changes are eventually coming.

Destiny 2 is now available.