Sony VP Says PlayStation Had Its Biggest Black Friday Sale Ever

Earlier today, Sony Interactive Entertainment Senior Vice President and Head of PlayStation Network Eric Lempel joined CNBC during a brief segment to discuss what he called the “biggest Black Friday of PlayStation History,” the future of PlayStation VR, and how the console market is looking after many had counted them out.

According to Lempel, the company sold more consoles than it ever had in its 22-year history on Black Friday. Lempel also mentioned that while some people were beginning to doubt the abilities of consoles to sell, PlayStation 4 has been “thriving,” with Lempel referring the recent Sony Corporation earnings that reported the company was up in profits by 346%, a majority of which has come from the PlayStation business.

Lempel went on to confirm that Sony was having a “great year” and that the console business in general was doing very well, Sony especially after they introduced mid-cycle consoles last year. The segment closed with CNBC asking Lempel about virtual reality and its impact on the company going forward, and he was pretty adamant that the PlayStation VR would continue to be a staple in the Sony lineup, noting that consumers are drawn to “big, immersive games” like Resident Evil 7 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. Lempel went on to say that he thinks the company is “just scratching the surface” when it comes to virtual reality, which should be music to any PSVR owners ears.

For the full segment, make sure head over to MSN and check it out.