Dynasty Warriors 9 Shows Weapon System With More Returning Characters

Koei Tecmo has published new information on their upcoming game Dynasty Warriors 9 through the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine. This latest batch introduces new designs for five returning characters (you can see three of them in the official preview scan above), as well as gameplay details on the weapon system.

The returning characters introduced in this batch are as follows:

  • Bao Sanniang from the Shu Kingdom; her weapon gets reassigned to Mandarin Duck Hooks, which have been also assigned to Lianshi in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires.
  • Guan Suo from the Shu Kingdom; his weapon is reverted back to Nunchaku which was first assigned on his debut in Dynasty Warriors 7.
  • Pang De from the Wei Kingdom; he still retains the Cudgel which has been assigned to him since Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires.
  • Han Dang from the Wu Kingdom; he retains the Short Pike that has been with him since his debut in Dynasty Warriors 8.
  • Zhang Chunhua from the Jin Kingdom; she lost her Wire Claws and instead now uses the Steel Whipsword, which is the same weapon used by Xun You.

This week’s batch also explains the game’s weapon system in more detail. We learn that a weapon can attach up to six Jewels, giving it various enhancement effects from strengthening certain attacks to giving a certain percentage on inflicting abnormal status on enemies to attaching attack elements such as Fire.

As with past Dynasty Warriors games, weapons in Dynasty Warriors 9 will have tiers that will have differences in not only stats but also looks. While most weapons can be purchased from shops around the open world China, there are valuable highest-tier weapons that can only be obtained by developing with materials obtained from field exploration or quest rewards.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in North America and Europe on February 13, 2018. Japan and East Asia will get the game five days earlier on February 8, but it will be released exclusively for PS4 in the region.

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