Code Vein Introduces Mia’s Sibling and More Gameplay Details

After almost two months of silence, Bandai Namco has posted a new information batch on their upcoming new game Code Vein through the Weekly Famitsu magazine. This batch introduces a new character related to one of the first characters introduced, as well as explaining a couple of gameplay features in detail.

The new character shown is Nikola Karnstein, who has been previously introduced as Mia’s little brother. The latest batch confirms that he too has become a Revenant who roams the world of Vein together with his elder sister. He likes Mia so much, and he will fight any enemies for her sake.

A new Blood Veil type is also introduced, which is named Ivy and shaped like a muffler. This new type of Blood Veil, which is presumably used by Nikola, can attack enemies with countless thorns in all ranges both from some distance and at point-blank.

Although we have learned about the following from the TGS demo, Bandai Namco has also used this batch to explain about Haze, the experience point in this game that works in a similar fashion with Souls in Dark Souls, Echoes in Bloodborne, and Amrita in Nioh. Players will collect Haze by beating enemies or using certain items, and they can be used to level up. When the player character dies, the collected Haze will be dropped on the spot, and will be gone forever if the respawned player dies again before retrieving them.

The one more new feature introduced in this information batch is Blood Code, an exclusive type of equipment for the player character. Blood Code can be obtained by restoring Blood Calyx crystals that contain memories of the original owner. Equipping Blood Code will allow the player to use new Gifts based on the owner’s abilities. There are a few examples of Blood Code types that will be available in the game:

  • Ranger, which focuses on survivability during explorations
  • Hunter, which enhances long-ranged attacks
  • Berserker, which enhances close-ranged attacks

Code Vein will be released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam next year in 2018.

[Source: Hachima]