Destiny 2 Servers Will Be Offline for Six Hours Tomorrow for Scheduled Maintenance

The Destiny 2 servers will be going down for scheduled maintenance for six hours tomorrow, November 30. The maintenance is scheduled to start at 8 AM Pacific and conclude at 2 PM Pacific. Starting at 8 AM Pacific, players will no longer be able to log in to Destiny 2. At 9 AM Pacific, all online players will be returned to the title screen. Maintenance is scheduled to end at 2 PM Pacific. Bungie has announced that no gameplay content or updates will be introduced in this maintenance window, but it is likely setting the groundwork for Curse of Osiris and Season Two to go live on Tuesday, December 5.

Without any content or updates being added, it is unlikely that there will be any patch notes introduced with this update. Later today, Bungie will be releasing additional information from studio leaders on the state of Destiny 2 and how they plan to address player feedback given some of the recent negative critical reception that the game has been getting. The revised action plan seems to come as a direct response to players being upset at discovering Bungie was hiding an experience throttle, among other things.

Many players, myself included, have been frustrated with the lack of an open dialogue about issues currently present in the game while Bungie instead pitches the newest content. In a bid to regain player trust, Bungie has canceled the last of the three Curse of Osiris live streams that was to take place today in favor of releasing a blog post full of commentary from various parts of the studio regarding everything from coming updates to responding to all of the criticism that has been levied at Destiny 2 recently.

Will you be affected by Bungie taking the Destiny 2 servers down tomorrow? Are you eager to see how transparent Bungie will be about the state of the game and the changes that need to be made moving forward? We’ll bring you the updates as Bungie makes additional announcements leading into Curse of Osiris, Season Two, and beyond.

[Source: Bungie]